Junior's Cafe - Long Island City

Junior's Cafe Annual Antique Car Show August 15 2009
Junior's Cafe Long Island City

Junior's%20Cafe Junior Mushroom%20and%20Eggplant%20Piizza%20-%20Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Mushroom%20and%20Eggplant%20Piizza%20-%20Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City
thumb_2_juniors1_food_540_0002.jpg thumb_2_juniors1_food_540_0015.jpg thumb_2_juniors1_food_540_0017.jpg Chicken%20Soup%20-%20Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City
Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City
Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Private%20Party%20Room%20-%20Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City Junior's%20Cafe%20Long%20Island%20City
Jasmine,%20Junior,%20and%20Jimmy thumb_2_juniors1_540w_0002.jpg Junior's%20Cafe thumb_2_buick_01_0001.jpg

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Restaurant Type
Casual Dining
Address: 46-18 Vernon Blvd
Cuisine Type
City: Queens West / Long Island City
State: NY
Credit Cards Accepted
American Express
Zip: 11101
Telephone: 718-472-9694
Country: USA
Type of Food
Bar Items
Full Menu
Neighborhood: Queens West
Full Description: Every city has one. It is an established local spot.

It is usually the oldest restaurant and bar in town. This is Long Island City's.

This one has been on the same corner of 46th Rd and Vernon Blvd for, what they say is, over 80 years.

Some locals have loved this traditional, charming Italian restaurant for their entire lifetime.

It is the kind of place that you could walk by....but don't. Inside is a mix of interesting people, delicious Italian food, plus great steaks and chops.

Some people eat here every night. That's how good it is.

It's definitely a gathering place where the locals and newcomers meet, mingle, and enjoy fun conversation.

They also pour a generous drink.

Hidden in the back, there is a private party room suitable for all type of events and occasions from Bridal Showers to the Super Bowl. There is a beautiful mural painted on all walls, that depicts the villages and town along the coastline of Italy.

Try Junior's Cafe. It is an experience you will enjoy. Tell them Arthur and Marion sent you.
Price: $12
Insider Tips: Try the stretch Bar Pizza and Pasta Fagiole.

Every year Junior's Cafe has a block party on the second Saturday in August. 46th Rd at Vernon Blvd next to the restaurant is closed.
Year Built: 1928

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Hours of Operation: Open daily at 10:00 AM. Serves Lunch and Dinner. Kitchen is open until 12:00 Midnight. Bar remains open until empty.

History: Junior's Cafe is a time capsule. The restaurant has been open for over 80 years. Danny, who had been a waiter there for his entire life (now 75), remembers it from his childhood. He still comes in daily to keep an eye on the place.
Showcase Tour: http://www.ourlic.com/guide/index.php?action=listingview&listingID=2&slideshowourlic=yes
Sports Entertainment
Large Screen Plasma TV
How to Get There: Vernon Blvd/Jackson Ave stop on the 7 train (1 stop from Grand Central Station)

It is a short walk down Vernon Blvd to 46th Street from the Vernon Blvd / Jackson Ave.
Alcohol & Wine
Full Service

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Listed by: Junior DiCaprio
Phone: 718-472-9694


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